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Android: Fixed a regression where Application. Android: Fixed an issue that caused a black screen when enabling or disabling real-time light at runtime on Vulkan when using multiple render passes with 1хставка череповец. Android: Fixed an issue with Keystore paths that contained spaces, commas, full stops and other specific characters.

Android: Fixed signing of development builds so they use the debug key rather than the release signing key if available. Fonbet букмекерская контора официальный сайт пройти блокировку Input system package: Fixed an issue where KeyControl. Android: Mouse forwardButton and backButton now work correctly in the new input system. Note: Not all Android devices support these buttons correctly.

Android: QualitySettings. Android: Sensors now work correctly on Android 8. Android: Unity now correctly reports keyboard layout to input system package. Android: When AndroidBlitType. Animation: Added editor test to validate that recorded frame match simulated frame for animator Animation: Fix copy pasting of keyframes when order in animation window does not match sorted order of their curve paths Animation: Fix the color temperature animation binding Animation: Fixed an issue where the Controller field of an Animator would not react properly to Prefab overriding.

Animation: Fixed blendtree asset corruption when changing motion tab field with another blendtree asset. Animation: Fixed constant tangents evaluation when used in weighted curve segments. Animation: Fixed crash when removing a state in the animator controller state machine Animation: Fixed humanoid bones not restored to previous values when stopping Animation Window preview Animation: Fixed mistakenly fired playable warning when graph was destroyed Animation: Fixed mouse press events so that Animator window does not get stuck in Pan mode Animation: Fixed transform write order whenever a game object is deleted in an animated hierarchy.

Animation: Made AnimationWindowCurve also implement IEquatable as we have at least one case where we store these in a List and try to avoid double-insertions by calling Contains. Asset Import: Clearing mapping of bones of avatar should not lead to re-automapping on apply.

Asset Import: Fixed a crash that would occur when an object that was already added to the ScriptedImporter context was destroyed before the import was finished. Asset Import: Fixed a crash that would occur when importing an FBX file containing an Animation curve with only one frame at a very low negative time. Asset Import: Fixed an issue where the Delete tag was erroneously appearing on Assets when importing or updating them.

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Asset Import: Fixed an issue with the Sketchup importer where some Scenes were generating empty Meshes during import. Asset Pipeline: Fixed an issue with Unity sometimes not reloading Asset objects, after Asset DB2 introduced support for multiple import results.

Asset Pipeline: Fixed issue where failed preview generation caused infinite import Asset Pipeline: Fixes cache server preferences defaults to port when n ot specified Asset Pipeline: Fixes editor crash on shutdown when changing project settings to use V2 instead of V1 Asset Pipeline: Now Unity saves any changes to the Default IP address property on the Cache Server preferences after the user presses Enter or clicks on another property in the Inspector.

Audio: Proper error message is now provided in the console Build Pipeline: Fix to properly disable the build buttins while the editor is compiling and the Assetdatabase is not ready. Build Pipeline: Fixed an issue where user created folders were being deleted on a failed player build. Build Pipeline: Fixed issue where inactive scenes were getting calculated into the scene build indexes Build Pipeline: Improved shader compilation progress bar to avoid editor to appear frozen during the build.

DX Fixed an error in the Editor when changing color spaces resulted in an exception being thrown. Editor: Add new EditorWindow. Editor: Added more information to an unrecoverable Undo scenario. Editor: Added Compilation. GetAssemblies without test assemblies. Editor: Disallow touching graphics API settings during playmode.

Editor: fix for an invalid memory access iwhen querying for a deleted texture with DX12 mode Editor: Fix OS domain reload contextual submenu rebuilding Editor: Fixed a case where the Scene view camera could become stuck in a tilted rotation when rapidly switching from 2D to 3D perspective.

Editor: Fixed a crash that occurred when multi-selecting Visual Scripting Graphs in the Project window Editor: Fixed a crash using SerializedProperty on a Script with managed references after a string resize update Editor: Fixed a lag that occurred when viewports were fully concealed behind panels. Editor: Fixed a missing Script issue that occurred when minimizing and maximizing the Editor.

Editor: Fixed a renaming issue in the Project browser that Бетмастер 15ком when when switching directories. Editor: Fixed a small memory leak that occurred any time a contextual menu was opened.

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Editor: Fixed an error that occurred when double-clicking folders in the Project browser. Editor: Fixed an error when using reflection probe anchor overrides in prefabs Editor: Fixed an issue where deleting a GameObject and performing an Undo caused the selection to be lost. Editor: Fixed an issue where drop-down menus that contain large strings with unicode characters freeze when opened. Editor: Fixed an issue where framing the selected object in the Scene View Camera could cause the Move tool to render incorrectly.

Editor: Fixed an issue where hotkeys with special keys were not accelerated properly. Editor: Fixed an issue where resetting a Preset removed its Type and rendered it useless. Editor: Fixed an issue where Fonbet андроид visibility data was lost when working with multiple Scenes.

Editor: Fixed an issue where scroll bars in the Inspector window did not disappear after deselecting a GameObject. Editor: Fixed an issue where the content of a Text Asset was not displayed in Leon mp Inspector window. Editor: Fixed an issue where the Polygon Collider 2D tool would not exit when changing selection. Editor: Fixed an issue where the Scene Visibility icon was not highlighted when hovering over it next to the Scene row.

Editor: Fixed an issue where Vector4 and Array types did not display values in the Inspector Editor: Fixed an issue where, when an Editor window fails to load, the window does not close and users cannot move or close it. Editor: Fixed an issue with Null Reference Exceptions occurring when previewing textures during Asset import. Editor: Fixed crash when having a list of types containing SerializeReference Editor: Fixed display issue in inspector through SerializedProperty with enum fields contained in polymorphic managed classes Editor: Fixed dragging and dropping to the bottom area of Inspector.

Editor: Fixed editor crash when changes are made in prefab applied to MonoBehaviours with SerializedReference objects. Editor: Fixed issue on startup where "Unable to resolve reference" errors were emitted for precompiled. Editor: Fixed issues that caused duplicate EditorTool instances to be instantiated. Editor: Fixed touch issues with the Editor on Windows.

MouseDown position is now more precise. Dragging a property value on the edge of the screen no longer increases the value exponentially. Editor: Fixed EditorApplication. Editor: GlobalMatrix is now calculated correctly when parenting to a scaled and rotated object. Editor: Improved Editor performance when marquee selecting objects in moderate to large Scenes. Editor: MacEditor: Fixed a regression with floating window not bringing editor focus back when selected Editor: MenuItem shortcuts now ignore capitalization.

Editor: The drag and drop state is now cleaned after a drag operation Editor: Unity now displays an error message if a Project contains. Editor: Unity now ignores trailing spaces when saving Layout names Editor: Unity now prompts users to save changes when Windows shuts down.

Editor: Unity now sets the host view name when the actual view changes. Editor: NSPasteBoard is now initialized at the start of drag and drop operations.

GI: Fix erroneous lightmap atlassing happening when two terrains are identical and have same position. Also added support for 32bits indices. GI: Fixed an issue where the Generate Lighting button got stuck when you switched between Scenes that used different backends for baking. GI: Fixed the color coding of lights in the shadow mask in Scene View mode, so they now match their corresponding shadow mask channel color.

GI: Fixed the Progressive Lightmappers so they now skip baking lightmaps and shadow masks if there are no affecting light sources. GI: GPU baking with 1 bounces is faster than 0 bounces GI: [ReflectionProbes] Minor changes to mesh renderer transform values cause Reflection Probe weights to change Graphics: Add UnityEngine. Graphics: Create texture now occurs on a thread in cases when async loading to update an existing texture.

Graphics: Ensure deterministic results for ASTC compressed textures with block sizes 10x10 and 12x Graphics: Fix for crash caused by floating point rounding errors when atlassing very small rectangles Graphics: Fix framebuffer load actions when rendering from Monobehaviour. Update Graphics: Fix issue where there would be an assert when importing an asset with zero bone weights.

Graphics: Fix Mesh. GetTriangles with list argument not working with different topology Graphics: Fix shadow culling issues causing objects to disappear from shadow maps Graphics: Fix stall in Canvbas. BuildBatch due to Geometry Jobs Graphics: fix the viewport for non-promary display when using multi display and proxy buffer to render Graphics: Fixed a crash where a ComputeBuffer could still be referenced after the object was destroyed Graphics: Fixed a regression that caused an increase in draw calls when you used static batching.

Graphics: Fixed an issue that caused incorrect distance bands for CullingGroups. Graphics: Fixed an issue where frustum culling used incorrect near and far culling planes when you set a custom culling matrix. Graphics: Fixed an issue where importing an Asset with no bone weights caused an assert. Graphics: Fixed an issue where the colour space parameter for a RenderTexture would be ignored if a default LDR texture format was requested.

Graphics: Fixed an issue where the Preview Camera had an incorrect type. Graphics: Fixed an issue with the reset functionality for Visual Effect Graph. Graphics: Fixed bug where temporary render textures would be reallocated instead of reused if mip count Бетмастер 15ком set to 0 Graphics: Fixed crash that occured when atlassing BC compressed textures using a padding smaller than the blocksize Graphics: Fixed detail shaders not updating after render pipeline has been changed Graphics: Fixed editor crash on terrain used with planar reflection by skipping QuadTreeRenderNodes with invalidated meshes Graphics: Fixed editor stalls in script compilation, exit playmode after having a project open in the editor for a long time Graphics: Fixed excessive texture mip reduction during texture streaming when texture quality settings applied.

Graphics: Fixed ExtractImage to check the presence of source image data. Graphics: Fixed Texture streaming when preloading textures prior to associating with a renderer to load low mip rather than highest mip. Graphics: macOS: Display. RelativeMouseAt behavior improved, document default return value of Vector3. Graphics: Metal: allowed re-set current RT overriding currently stored store actions needed for backbuffer or, well, for everything that uses camera Graphics: Removed Color from vdecl used for warming up shaders.

Some time ago we stopped adding color always to main stream and add extra stream on demand, hence this vdecl is almost never used with real content effectively disabling any warming up we can do. Graphics: Resolve issue where Vulkan behaves like D3D11 when anisotropic filtering is enabled Now to work properly on some non-English locales in WebGL. IL2CPP: Correct an intermittent crash when a managed exception occurs on a back ground thread while the process is shutting down.

IL2CPP: Fixes an issue with the debugger agent passing an uncaught message exception to the debugger client even if the exception was actually caught. IL2CPP: Fixing an issue with retrieving default values from nullable method parameters via reflection. NET thread pool is heavily used. Input: Apple Pencil will be correctly recognized on iOS in the new input system on newer iPad devices Kernel: Fixed job index allocation contention which could cause multiple seconds of stalling while using jobs.

Kernel: NativeArray no longer allow nesting other types tagged NativeContainer, to prevent hard to diagnose memory Fonbet андроид bugs.

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Linux: Editor Crashes when creating a new node in the shader editor Linux: Fixed Input. It will be created where supported, and MSAA disabled if not DeviceGeneration API. Multiplayer: Fix for Unity crash when calling NetworkTransport.

Send with wrong connectionId Package Manager: Fixed a regression with package name validation which incorrectly allowed characters instead ofand incorrectly allowed invalid characters. Package Manager: Fixed an error with documentation in which obsolete properties were appearing in package API documentation. Package Manager: Fixed an issue where a local package installed using a file path would not get automatically resolved after repairing its dependency attribute in the package.

Package Manager: Fixed an issue where Лучшие букмекерские онлайн partial copy of a package could be created in the global cache if the tarball extraction process was interrupted.

Package Manager: Fixed an issue where the Git package submodules were not being synchronized when a revision was set in the Git package URL. Package Manager: Fixed an issue where using some npm registry backends as scoped registries would fail with an error like com. Package Manager: Fixed issues where a package could be partially copied, or could contain read-only folders if the copy operation from the global cache to the Project cache was interrupted.

Now you can resize the columns or hover over the name to read it from the tooltip. Particles: Apply fade and soft particle properties to the Emissive color of the Standard Particle Shaders. Particles: Ensure sub-emitter rotation is inherited from the parent system.

Particles: Execute the Stop Action even if a system goes offscreen Particles: Fixed error messages when trying to use Prewarm with a Particle System whose particles have infinite lifetimes. Particles: Improve roll correction when disabling the Enable Roll option Particles: Make each system in the Particle System pop-out window wider, to accomodate the ensure content is visible. Particles: Prevent crash if trying to use some modules without initializing them Particles: Remove a redundant grab-pass if a Particle System is not playing.

Physics: Change the drive limits back to pre Physics: Child Collider2D in a different Z position now renders correctly when displayed outside of "2D" view mode. Physics: Editing a Collider2D now stays in edit mode when making any collider change. Physics: Fix mesh collider complaining about isreadable flag right after building to platform Physics: Fixed a bug that allowed fractionally collinear vertex to be specified for PolygonCollider2D and CompositeCollider2D in Outline mode which resulted in bad collision detection.

Physics: Fixed an issue when using OverlapCollider query on a CompositeCollider2D or EdgeCollider2D where the individual edge index were not being calculated correctly therefore producing incorrect results. Physics: Fixed choppy update of cloth constraints brush.

Physics: Make sure all the physics public API setters only call SetDirty when the serialised properties were actually changed Physics: Removed the hidden MeshCollider component that was added to all the Cloth game objects for the brush placement Physics: Rigidbody2D interpolation set during runtime now correctly interpolates. Playables: Playables now display an error when trying to bind the same playable to multiple outputs Player: Mac: fix some cases where even if the old input backend was turned off, we would still process input for it Prefabs: Fixed modifying and deleting prefab asset in Prefab Mode with a Light Probe Group continuesly showed an error dialog.

Prefabs: Fixed that the Overrides popup window did not refresh after undo. Prefabs: Make Prefab Overrides dropdown comparison view label width match Inspector. Prefabs: ParticleSystemRenderer appeared when the ParticleSystem component was removed from Как избавиться от игровой зависимости в букмекерская prefab instance Profiler: Added a minimum scale for stacked charts so that the 0.

Profiler: Fixed an issue where de-serializing older profiling data formats would cause the Editor to crash. Profiler: Fixed an issue with release profiler markers used with Profiling. Это — первый шаг. Мы параллельно работаем над следующими услугами — электронными документами. Использование таких документов позволит получить нам миллионы пользователей среди украинцев — и украинцы почувствуют масштабно первые этапы трансформации".

Помогла разработать это приложение компания EPAM. По словам Федорова, впервые украинские компании такого масштаба готовы помогать властям.

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